Find below some ideas for Montessori activities for home environment and also at school.

Food Activities

Activity: Making Scrambled Eggs

July 5, 2014 Daily Montessori 0

Note: Raw eggs are often not advisable for children to handle, but in the home environment a parent should monitor food handling practices more closely.  Age: from 18 months Materials: Large bowl / Fork or child sized whisk / Spices, Salt – depending on your own recipe / Eggs / Small jug for milk This can be prepared [more…]

Montessori Activities

Montessori Activities At Home Environment

July 5, 2014 Daily Montessori 11

When presenting Montessori activities at home environment, it is good to remember the following: Children learn from observation of what adults are doing. With their limited physical abilities, adults have to show the children how to do the activities easier way. Montessori activities also have to be ordered or sequenced in such a way that [more…]

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Care Of Self

Montessori Activity: Brushing Hair

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 2

Another simple activity that children enjoy and find fascinating. Age: 12+ Months Items: Mirror in which the child can see him/herself easily / Child sized hair brush or comb / Clips (for girls) / Small basket or drawer – a special place for the child to have easy access with the brush The Activity: Sit [more…]

Food Activities

Montessori Activities For Toddlers: Food Preparation

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 11

Activities to do with a toddler in the kitchen As toddlers grow they become more observant and helpful with the activities that parents do every day. These are what Maria Montessori calls Practical Life Activities. One important aspect of practical life is food preparation. Make your kitchen safe and accessible to your toddler. One can have a low drawer [more…]

Food Activities

Activity: Pouring A Drink

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 4

Pouring a drink is a simple and great activity that young kids will enjoy. Age: 12+ months Items needed: Child sized clear glass jug (for the child to be able to handle and see the amount of water) / Child sized clear glass The Activity: Ask the child to sit beside you. Pick up the [more…]

Food Activities

Activity: Cutting Up And Washing Vegetables And Fruits

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 0

This activity allows a young child to be involved in food preparation with an adult. It helps expose the child to become more familiar with the kitchen environment for further activities in the kitchen as the child gets older. Age:  from 14 months Materials: Chopping board / Sharp adult knife / Colander or a large bowl [more…]

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Food Activities

Activity: Cooking Rice Using A Rice Cooker

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 0

A simple activity allowing children to familiarize themselves with the process of preparing and cooking food in the kitchen. Age: from 14 months Materials: Small measuring cup / Rice container / Rice / Rice cooker / Apron The Activity: Wash hands and put on an apron. Get the rice container. Rice can be pre measured [more…]

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Food Activities

Activity: Making Fresh Pasta

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 0

There are several recipes for basic pasta found on the internet. If your child has egg allergy there are no egg alternatives. This will use the basic recipe using flour and eggs. Age: From 16 months Materials: Apron / Rolling pin / Large bowl / Pasta making machine / Small bowl for sprinkling flour / Ingredients [more…]

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