A simple activity allowing children to familiarize themselves with the process of preparing and cooking food in the kitchen.

Age: from 14 months

Materials: Small measuring cup / Rice container / Rice / Rice cooker / Apron

The Activity:

  • Wash hands and put on an apron.
  • Get the rice container.
  • Rice can be pre measured and placed in a small bowl for the child to transfer via a small cup or large spoon.
  • When the uncooked rice is in the cooker ask the child to carry it to the sink.
  • Ask the child to turn on the tap if possible.
  • Add the water and ask the child to ‘wash’ the rice by swishing the rice and water in the container. Reiterate that it needs to be cooked before it can be eaten.
  • Adult drains the water. Repeat as desired.
  • Adult does the final measurement of water and places the bowl in the cooker.
  • Ask the child to turn on the cooker and to put the lid on.
  • Always thank them for their help!