peeling-vegetablesThis activity allows a young child to be involved in food preparation with an adult. It helps expose the child to become more familiar with the kitchen environment for further activities in the kitchen as the child gets older.

Age:  from 14 months

Materials: Chopping board / Sharp adult knife / Colander or a large bowl / Vegetables or Fruits (eg. cucumber, strawberries, etc.)

The Activity:

  • Wash hands and put on an apron
  • Ask the child to run the water in the sink with the vegetables in the bowl/colander
  • Show the child how to run their hands around the vegetable to wash it or turn the vegetable around under running water. For potatoes one can use a potato brush to remove dirt on potatoes. Show child to use the brush from side to side, emphasizing movements. Left to right top to bottom.
  • The adult peels the vegetable if necessary.
  • Ask the child to collect the peeling and throw in a small rubbish bin or bowl nearby.
  • Keep your children at a safe distance preferably on your left if cutting with the right hand to still be able to show the child the action but away from harm.
  • Cut vegetable to desired pieces and ask child to put each piece into the bowl/container. Continue process until finished.
  • If the child is older and has done this activity repeatedly, you can ask the child to cut up soft vegetables or fruits with a table knife – closely supervised.