There are several recipes for basic pasta found on the internet. If your child has egg allergy there are no egg alternatives. This will use the basic recipe using flour and eggs.

Age: From 16 months

Materials: Apron / Rolling pin / Large bowl / Pasta making machine / Small bowl for sprinkling flour / Ingredients as per above

The Activity:

  • Ask the child to wash hands and put on an apron. The apron will be helpful as using the flour is fun and can be messy.
  • Add the eggs and flour into the large bowl and mix together with spatula first.
  • When it is combined you may then ask the child to knead the dough with their hands on the benchtop. You may divide the dough into smaller pieces that the child will be able to manage to knead with their hands or rolling pin. You may do this side by side with your child as modelling is the best way to teach.
  • When the dough is soft enough you may put a small portion through the pasta maker. Make sure the pasta maker is secured to the kitchen bench.  You can assist the child by putting the dough and asking the child to turn the handle to flatten the pasta. You can put the pasta through several times getting it thinner and thinner.
  • Flour may be added at every pass sprinkled by the child from the small bowl set aside.
  • Children will love the repetition and seeing what comes out of their work.
  • Cook pasta as per usual with desired pasta sauce.