Always closely supervise your child when handling raw food and using sharp objects, e.g. knife!

Age: About 2 1/2 years old

Materials: Thin meat or schnitzel meat / Meat hammer / Knife / Flour / Bowls and plates / Eggs / Salt / Bread crumbs

The Activity:

  • Put on apron and wash hands thoroughly
  • Preparation of meat: Cut meat into small pieces about 2×2 inches so the child can handle it better
  • Put beaten eggs in a bowl, flour and bread crumbs in separate plates. Lay the pieces of meat on the chopping board side by side. Demonstrate to the child how we pound the meat gently to tenderize it. Do on both sides.
  • Take a piece of meat and show the child to hold it on the edges and put on the late of flour. Sprinkle generously on top the flour and press down gently. Turn over and do on the other side.
  • Take the meat yourself and dip in the egg. It is better for the adult to do this as this may be a bit difficult and it eliminates the child handling raw egg.
  • As it has been dipped place the meat flat on the plate of bread crumbs. Sprinkle and push down as you did with the flour.
  • Set aside to be fried in a pan by the adult.
  • Ask the child to do the flour and bread crumbs. It will get messy and flour can go everywhere.
  • It will be an opportunity to do sweeping and table wiping activity afterwards.