pouring-drinkPouring a drink is a simple and great activity that young kids will enjoy.

Age: 12+ months

Items needed: Child sized clear glass jug (for the child to be able to handle and see the amount of water) / Child sized clear glass

The Activity:

  • Ask the child to sit beside you.
  • Pick up the jug with 2 hands, one at the handle and one in front or under the jug for support. This is not necessary for adults but for children with limited strength they need to do this activity independently with using two hands to avoid incidents. The child may later on be able to handle the jug with one hand but at the first presentation always pour with two hands.
  • Tap the mouth of the jug with the glass then slowly pour the water gently and let the child see what is happening.
  • Fill the glass about halfway and ask the child to drink the water.
  • After this you can ask the child to have a turn.
  • You can repeat this activity over and over until the child chooses to do it independently during meal times or when thirsty.

As an extension one can have a special place in the fridge for the child to get their own drink when they feel thirsty – provided they have enough strength to do so.