When presenting Montessori activities at home environment, it is good to remember the following:

  • Children learn from observation of what adults are doing. With their limited physical abilities, adults have to show the children how to do the activities easier way.
  • Montessori activities also have to be ordered or sequenced in such a way that they will be easy for children to follow. It is recommended to divide the activities into smaller steps.
  • Do not explain too much about the activities you are doing, it is better to allow children to observe what is happening.
  • Use key words, such as the names of the objects or the actions you are performing.
  • When presenting the activities, always do things at a slow pace, children’s pace and not your own.
  • Pull back. Allow them to try it on their own and to learn by themselves.
  • Do not expect children to achieve your desired result after the first try. Repetition will help them perfect the activity.
  • Having these Montessori activities available and accessible for them to try on their own when they want to, will encourage repetition to practice the skill.

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