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Montessori Floor Bed

November 14, 2014 Guest Post 1

I believe there are many advantages of using a floor bed for your child. I am a father of two and with both kids we are following the Montessori method – both at school and at home. A floor bed is just one of many aspects of Montessori we like and here are a few reasons – as [more…]

Montessori At Home

Allowing Young Children To Help In The Kitchen

July 5, 2014 Daily Montessori 0

Allowing and involving children under 3 to help in the kitchen can be a fun but realistically a hard task. Especially when you are trying to get dinner ready in time, your child interfering with your cooking. Asking them to help in your kitchen can be more of a hassle than anything. Here are a [more…]

Montessori At Home

Practical Ways To Help Three Year Old Children At Home

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 35

Three year old children are now able to have more control with their fine motor skills and have more understanding and heightened curiosity about the world. Parents as the educators can pass on values with small activities and help the child increase their self confidence in their daily lives. The following are a few general [more…]