The Discovery Of The Child

Title: The Discovery of the Child

Author: Maria Montessori

Book Summary: In ‘The Discovery of the Child‘, Maria Montessori describes the nature of a child and introduces her method of education. She believes that once the main principles of her method are applied it will become easier for the practitioners to use the method. She challenges the traditional classroom and instead introduces a peaceful classroom where teachers are not mainly focused on maintaining a discipline, but rather allow children to interact with their environment and useMontessori materials as the means to learn.

A child learns form the Montessori environment, which includes the teacher who becomes a facilitator of the child’s learning.

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  1. I have a seven year old who has problems reading, he started the montessori system at 2years and he is still having difficulty reading. what do you advice. Thank you

  2. Latest montessori materials which have been introduced recently to the environment along with the final goal a child learns through the materials.

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