The following are a few simple ideas for Montessori Materials and ‘Toys’ for 0-6 month old babies.

  • A simple wooden A-frame would suffice for a child to look up and try to grasp. There is no need for fancy plastic ones that may break easily.
  • Fluffy toys, cloth books, small rattles and crocheted soft balls will allow the children to practice their grasp and use hands.
  • A silver rattle is especially wonderful for a young baby since it engages a lot of the senses. It has to be small and light enough for the baby to grasp it for a few moments at first and longer and longer later on. It can also provide auditory stimulation as it makes a soft sound and it can give sense of hot and cold as the child mouths it.
  • Wooden toys in particular are aesthetically beautiful, last long and give children a different more natural texture than most plastic toys would. A child will try to do many things to the toys so they have to be strong enough to withstand the child’s growing years.
  • Mobiles are also particularly wonderful for children this age. These mobiles can be contrasting colors to attract the child’s gaze, black and white or even simply just different colors in a banner. Mobiles that reflect natural light will also be attractive to babies.

Some examples include: