Down Syndrome

Q: My great grand-daughter has down syndrome. Is there a home program for special needs? Thank you.

A: You can still apply some of the Montessori activities on the site. Your great granddaughter though may need a bit more practice and more repetition than most children. Another activity is that you can have a basket of containers that can be commonly found in the home. She can try to open and close snaps, zips, twist open bottles, use velcro, hooks etc.

This will practice her fine motor skills and she can later on apply it to real life and slowly gain independence. Regards, Daily Montessori

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  1. I have experienced teaching child with special needs in a Montessori environment. Some of them mostly work repetitively on Sensorial and Practical life materials. When at home, she can work on stackers, pegs, bead inserting, matching same objects like fruits, shells, big buttons and etc. She can work on laundry pegs and insert it on the edge of bowls. There are plenty of home-stuff which we can use as a Montessori material. I suggest you may research on basic Montessori principles so that you can teach it properly. Good luck!

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