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Sensitive Period for Refinement of the Senses (birth to 5 years)

Sensitive period for refinement of the senses is characterized with the child’s fascination with sensorial experiences (taste, smell, sounds, weight and touch) results in the child learning to observe and make increasingly refined sensorial discrimination. Nothing is in the mind that was not first in the senses. One can let the child smell different herbs, different foods, like fruits surrounding them in nature walks or even the supermarket.


Sensitive period for Small objects (From 1 - 3years)

This can be characterized by the child’s fixation with small objects and tiny details.
This is an indicator that order and detail are coming together in the child’s mind. Children are attracted to the level of focusing on details.

To properly prepare the environment one may get down to knee level and walk it to see the details yourself, fix what needs to be fixed so as the child may not be distracted when doing work. When a child may see something in disorder this may affect their level of concentration.

Sensitive period for Sensorial Exploration and Classification (From 2.5- 6 years)

First phase from conception to 2.5-3 years of age is the acquisition of sensorial impressions or sensory experiences .It is at this age they encounter a vast experience of sensorial experiences. It is the duty of the parent to give the child opportunities to explore their environment and experience or stimulate their senses and not always be prevented with minor hygiene or safety concerns.

Classification happens at 2.5 to 5.5-6 when one needs to provide a system for children to classify these sensory experiences. If they have a new sensory experience they can fit it in that classification system.

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