Another simple activity that children enjoy and find fascinating.

Age: 12+ Months

Items: Mirror in which the child can see him/herself easily / Child sized hair brush or comb / Clips (for girls) / Small basket or drawer – a special place for the child to have easy access with the brush

The Activity:

  • Sit or stand in front of the mirror and take your own adult sized brush.
  • To brush the right side of your head put left hand over the left side of the head and brush straight down your hair.
  • Repeat on the other side placing left hand over right side of the head. Your arms will cross in front of your head. This is a way for the child to be able to see easily the different sides of the head.
  • Brush your hair deliberately and slowly.
  • After that, slowly place the brush back onto the basket.
  • Let them have a turn if they have not asked yet!