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Montessori Materials / Toys

Ideas for Presents – Montessori Toys

December 5, 2015 Daily Montessori 0

We’ve put together a list of Montessori Toys / Materials we like and believe would make a nice present for the upcoming holiday season or any other occasion. Give a gift that will engage a child in their absorbent mind years that will challenge their brain. A gift that will last a lifetime. (The products are [more…]

Montessori Materials / Toys

What Are Suitable Montessori Toys / Materials For 0-3 Years?

July 4, 2014 Daily Montessori 2

In line with Montessori philosophy here are some suggested Montessori toys / materials for the different age groups and also some developmental considerations. Many quality toys have age guides to help choose what the appropriate age is, but remember these serve as a guide only and you should always check for small pieces when young [more…]

Montessori Materials / Toys

Montessori Materials And ‘Toys’ For 0-6 Months

July 3, 2014 Daily Montessori 8

The following are a few simple ideas for Montessori Materials and ‘Toys’ for 0-6 month old babies. A simple wooden A-frame would suffice for a child to look up and try to grasp. There is no need for fancy plastic ones that may break easily. Fluffy toys, cloth books, small rattles and crocheted soft balls [more…]