peeling-vegetablesPeeling vegetables activity can be done with a soft vegetable (e.g. a cucumber). As a sharp peeler is used, the child needs to be able to handle it safely!

Age: 2 1/2 years

Materials: Hand peeler / Chopping board / Small bin / Vegetable / Lots of care!

The Activity: 

  • Wash hands and put on an apron.
  • Take the chopping board and horizontally lie down the cucumber.
  • Emphasize to the child that they have to be very careful since the peeler is sharp.
  • Slowly peel the cucumber from the left to right. You will see the difference of colour as the cucumber is peeled. Exaggerate that the cucumber has to be turned outwards, then repeat.
  • By this time the child may want a turn. Continue until all is peeled. Assistance may be required to turn the vegetable. Parent can hold down the vegetable for the child and holding the peeler with them in the beginning.
  • Ask the child to put the peelings into a small bin.
  • Cut up the cucumber as desired or you can ask the child to cut it with a butter knife.