mashed-potatoesA simple activity that introduces your child to food preparation and cooking. Always closely supervise you child during all kitchen activities!

Age: From 16 months

Materials: Potatoes / Large bowl / Child sized tongs / Child sized potato masher / Spices (as per your own recipe) / Small jug / Apron

The Activity:

  • Wash hands and put on apron.
  • Ask child to wash unpeeled potatoes.
  • Parent can then peel the potato, and cut into smaller pieces,  ask child to wash peeled potatoes in a colander under the sink.
  • Ask the child to put the potatoes in a cold pot of water using tongs before turning on the stove.
  • Ask the child to sprinkle the salt.
  • Cook potatoes, when done transfer to large bowl using tongs.
  • Ask the child to use the potato masher, the child may need some help with holding the bowl down or pressing the masher. You can also use other potato mashing gadgets and use accordingly. Adult will have a turn to show the child what to do.
  • When the potatoes are mashed,  ask the child to put in spices and milk. You can use a small bowls to measure the spices put in or use a spice shaker – this can be set up prior to starting.
  • Take your turn mixing the potatoes.