Sensitive period for weaning – If the introduction of solids is done at this age the interest is captured and can later on prevent problems with feeding. Children are best breast fed until at least a year and supplemented with solids. At times by 10-12 months the child may not want breast milk, one must learn to follow the lead of the child. Prevention of feeding problems is essential when children get to the toddler phase and may often get picky with their food. There is ideally a good variety and positive experience with food for the child.


Sensitive Period for Order (age 18 months to 2 years)
Sensitive Period for Language (birth to 6 years)
Sensitive Period for Movement (birth to 4 years)
Sensitive Period for Refinement of the Senses (birth to 5 years)
Sensitive Period for Weaning (5 to 6 months)
Sensitive Period for Numbers (4 to 5.5 years)
Sensitive Period for Manners and Courtesies (2 to 6 years)