Note: Raw eggs are often not advisable for children to handle, but in the home environment a parent should monitor food handling practices more closely. 

Age: from 18 months

Materials: Large bowl / Fork or child sized whisk / Spices, Salt – depending on your own recipe / Eggs / Small jug for milk

This can be prepared according to the child’s independence and parents preference in a spice shaker or prepared amounts in a small saucer or bowl.


  • Wash hands and put on an apron
  • Parents can show the child how to break the egg into a bowl. The child though cannot perform this action until older. For a child who is closer to the age of 3, the child can crack the egg independently depending on coordination and practice. Crack the egg first into a cup or smaller bowl to check for eggshells prior to adding it to the large bowl with the other ingredients
  • Ask the child to add the ingredients slowly (salt, pepper, etc.) either with a shaker or from a pre measured saucer/small bowl
  • Whisk the eggs after each ingredient is added
  • Put egg mixture in pan, allow the child to watch the egg as it is cooked and see the change during the cooking process
  • If you have fresh herbs in the garden/pot this can also be collected with the child prior to cooking

This is a very simple activity that allows a child to experience the process of preparing and cooking food.